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students in our Intravenous Therapy course

Intravenous Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Certification Course

Learn & practice the techniques of an experienced ER nurse. Our course is for any healthcare professional!

One of our actual classes!

Zoom classes every other week

Hybrid Format

Zoom classes & one in-person class every other week

BVNPT approved IV/BW certification

Approved Provider

Star IV Training is a BVNPT-approved IV/BW course provider

Calendar for flexible class schedule

Flexible Schedule

Evening & weekend classes alternating Fridays and Sundays

Build your confidence

You'll have multiple chances to practice and improve your nursing skills. Get immediate feedback as you practice starting IVs!

artificial arm practice for IV/BW students
student practicing at Star Health Training

Enhance your resume

Many LVN employers require IV/BW certification. Healthcare professionals with IV infusion as part of their scope of practice may take the Refresher Course!

Get certified

Upon completion, LVN students will be certified by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). This will stay on their license forever, unlike CPR.

student tries withdrawing blood on an artificial hand


Check out reviews our past students have left about our course here!

Damiesha M., LVN

Great class! I definitely appreciated the flexibility of this course. Mike was an awesome teacher. I learned so much & felt confident afterward. He was professional and extremely kind. I highly recommend.

Anthony C., LVN

Great IV refresher for us seasoned nurses. Informative IV teaching for newer nurses. Yes, the "practice time" with the artificial arms was SO much fun. Highly recommend Star Health Training to all. Fits all of our busy schedules.

Amanda S., CRT, RCP

So informative, hands on, reliable, and educational. The RN Mike made it fun, engaging, personable, and provided tons of real life scenarios and tips. So glad I went with Star Health Training.

Success Stories

Myranda G., LVN

Hi Mike, 

     Just wanted to share with you, I’ve been doing IVs all week at work with my preceptor. After my first one, she said “Wow, that was the best first IV I have seen anyone do.” She also complemented you and said my instructor really showed a great technique. I’ve been getting them on my first attempt and it’s pediatrics. I shocked myself! Thank you again, your class was very helpful.  


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  • Who should take this course?
    By taking this course, LVNs or LVN students will receive IV/BW certification which will be attached to their license permanently, as long as LVN status does not lapse. Must attend all three classes. RNs, Dentists, MRI Technicians and other healthcare professionals (that have IV skills in their scope of practice) can refresh their IV therapy and blood withdrawal skills or learn new ones and receive a certificate of completion but is not attached to their license. Some choose to only attend the in-person IV training class, but are welcome to join us in all three classes.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    It is fine if you need to miss a class! You will still have to take all three days (2 online, 1 in-person) to pass the course. For example, if you miss a Wednesday, just catch up with us on one of the following Wednesdays.
  • When will I receive my certificate?
    If you are already an LVN, you will receive your certificate a day or two after you complete the course. If you have not received your LVN license yet, then once you have passed your state board exams, send us your new license number and we will immediately send you a certificate and submit your IV/BW certification to the BVNPT.
  • Where are in-person classes held?
    Our two office locations are in Orange County and Riverside. Check out the map for exact locations here!
  • What should I bring to class?
    The first portion of the course will be held on Zoom meetings and cameras/microphones are optional. The last day of the course will be in-person and it is your choice to wear either street clothes or scrubs. No other equipment is required!
  • How long until the BVNPT attaches my certificate to my license?
    We send in your information regarding your completion of the IV/BW course along with the $50 fee every Monday along with all the students that finished the course that week. On the BVNPT website it states that it will take 6-9 weeks to attach the IV/BW certificate to your LVN license, which we have no control over. You will receive a IV/BW certificate of completion from us the day after you complete all 3 days (2 Zoom, 1 in-person) and can use that certificate for employers right away.
  • Do I need to renew my IV/BW certification?
    No renewal is necessary! The IV/BW certificate will stay attached to your LVN license for as long as you have it. RNs are not required to have IV certification since these skills were already in their training.
  • Can I apply my IV/BW out-of-state certification to my California license?
    No, the BVNPT does not recognize out-of-state IV/BW certification. Star Health Training has no control over this.
  • Can I use my IV/BW course for my continuing education requirements needed to renew my license?
    Yes, the IV/BW course for LVNs can be used for the continuing education license renewal which satisfies the 30 contact hours requirement. RNs can look at the California BRN here under "unacceptable courses" to find that this type of course is fine for refresher skills but not acceptable for contact hours.
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