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1     In-person classes

Orange County

  • ​June 21  (3 seats left)

  • July 6 (9 seats left)

  • July 18 (9 seats left)


  • June 15   (0 seats left) FULL

  • June 29   (6 seats left)

  • July 13 (8 seats left)

2     Zoom classes every Tuesday & Wednesday

3     Register & pay

4     Reserve your seat on calendar

5     Attend one Tuesday, one Wednesday, and one in-person class in any order to receive your certificate of completion!

1 day in-person only

No certificate

No Zoom classes*

+ IV/BW course                    $150

Includes lecture and IV/BW skills*

+ IV/BW course                    $289

    IV/BW course                   $289

+ BVNPT certification fee      $50


  • IV/BW Certification for LVNs

  • Refresher IV/BW Course

  • IV Technique In-Person Class


Only LVNs or LVN students can be legally certified by us through the BVNPT and will also receive a certificate of completion.

Students in the Refresher Course will receive a certificate of completion.

Students in the One Day Course will not receive any certificate.

Can take the Refresher or IV Technique course but cannot be legally certified:

*Healthcare students, physicians, RNs, Respiratory Therapists, EMTs, dentists, Oral Surgery Assistants, MRI Technicians, & other healthcare professionals may take the "Refresher" course to learn how to insert IVs correctly.

Phlebotomists unfortunately are not authorized by the state of California to start IVs within their scope of practice.

Email for more information

After enrollment, you can access the
IV/BW Course Dashboard

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