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1     In-person classes

Orange County

  • ​​Aug 2  (7 seats left)

  • Aug 16  (10 seats left)

  • Aug 29 (12 seats left)


  • July 26 (0 seats left)FULL

  • Aug 10  (6 seats left)

  • Aug 24 (8 seats left)

2     Zoom classes every Tuesday & Wednesday

3     Register & pay

4     Reserve your seat on calendar

5     Attend one Tuesday, one Wednesday, and one in-person class in any order to receive your certificate of completion!

Includes lecture and IV/BW skills*

+ IV/BW course                    $220

    IV/BW course                   $289

+ BVNPT certification fee      $50


  • IV/BW Certification for LVNs

  • Refresher IV/BW Course


Only LVNs or LVN students can be legally certified by us through the BVNPT and will also receive a certificate of completion.

Students choosing the Refresher Course are not required to attend the lectures. Students that attend all 3 classes will receive a certificate of completion.


Who is allowed to enroll?

     LVNs are the only people that can be certified to insert IVs and manage IV therapy under California law.

     RNs may take this course to learn/practice IV skills even though they have no need for legal certification. Starting IVs is within in their scope of practice.

     This means that if you are already allowed by your California state license to do IVs, then we can refresh your skills or teach you how to start IVs. In other words, we are not allowed to certify a car mechanic (even though we would love to) - we can only teach those who are already allowed to start IVs by their license.

We receive a lot of requests from phlebotomists wanting to be certified to start IVs, but unfortunately after discussing this with the State Board, they are not authorized by the state of California to start IVs within their scope of practice.

Email for more information

After enrollment, you can access the
IV/BW Course Dashboard

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